Writing Center Staff

Our friendly staff consists of professional Writing Specialists who have advanced degrees and teaching experience, and highly qualified undergraduate and graduate program student Fellows.

Writing Center Assistants

Headshot of Yirru Cheng

Yirru Cheng

Undergraduate Class of 2025
Headshot of Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson

Undergraduate Class of 2025
Headshot of Hiromi Kawai

Hiromi Kawai

Undergraduate Class of 2025
Headshot of Taiji Morgan

Taiji Morgan

Undergraduate Class of 2024

(Spring 2023 Study Abroad)

Headshot of Kazumi Yamamoto

Kazumi Yamamoto

Undergraduate Class of 2023

Writing Fellows

Headshot of Robert Duran

Robert Duran

Graduate Class of 2023

Headshot of Nappa Kataoka

Nappa Kataoka

Undergraduate Class of 2023

Headshot of Erica Koyama

Erica Koyama

Undergraduate Class of 2023

Headshot of Maen Kwok

Maen Kwok

Graduate Class of 2023

Headshot of Darshan Magar

Darshan Magar

Graduate Class of 2023

Writing Specialists

Adrienne Domasin resized gen block

Adrienne Domasin, MA

Cory Jones Resized Gen Block

Cory Jones, JD

Headshot of Larry Klevos

Larry Klevos, MA

Alberto Landaveri

Alberto Landaveri, PhD


Interim Manager of the Writing Center and Adjunct Faculty

  • Debbie Goss Headshot

    Debbie Goss GS '09, PhD


    Support for all writing at any stage in any subject is the Writing Center’s raison d’etre. In concert with SUA’s mission of “fostering a steady stream of global citizens committed to living a contributive life,” Debbie is committed to supporting excellence in writing across the curriculum. Her work is grounded in scholarship on reading and writing connections, transfer of writing skills across contexts, supporting multilingual writers, inclusion and accessibility in the writing center, and Ikeda/Soka studies in writing. Debbie oversees programming, initiatives, and research in the Writing Center. She has a PhD in Composition and Applied Linguistics from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and has an MA in TESOL from the SUA Graduate School. Debbie joined the SUA Writing Center in December 2017 and has taught in the SUA Writing Program since 2018.