Life Sciences will be available starting in Fall 2020.

Vision for Life Sciences

The Life Sciences concentration will offer a rigorous curriculum that provides a solid foundation in the sciences, including courses that embody the latest emerging discoveries in biology and chemistry, and a student-centered pedagogy that challenges students to apply what they have learned. Furthermore, students interested in health-related careers or graduate school in the sciences should be fully prepared for these requirements.

Key Curriculum Elements

The introduction to science at Soka that includes quantitative skills and a rich laboratory research experience in drug design.

An innovative interdisciplinary course focused on the molecular biology of cancer and the underlying chemistry of cell biology. The integration will develop increased understanding and direct application of essential concepts in both biology and chemistry. Laboratory research will focus on cancer biology using model systems.

These three-unit inquiry-based laboratory courses provide students with a more authentic learning environment than would be possible in a more typical one-unit laboratory course. These courses will feature a mix of in-class experiments and independent work by students to acquire background, analyze results, and prepare presentations of results using techniques seen in actual scientific research.

Students will take a semester of organic chemistry and a semester of biochemistry as an alternative to the traditional year-long organic chemistry sequence. This combination provides more background in biochemistry which is critical within modern biology.

Rather than offering a physics course to prepare engineers or future physicists, this course will feature applications of physics in biological contexts.