Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei offers small classes, rigorous curriculum, and total immersion in an environment that is both modern and classical

“Taipei is a wonderful sensory experience full of smells and sounds which offer an unparalleled quality of life. Nowhere else is transportation this efficient and delicacies this ubiquitous and affordable.”

Program Characteristics

The fall semester takes place early August to late November. The spring semester takes place early February to early June.

Cumulative GPA – 2.5

Soka students will be studying at the International Chinese Language Program (ICLP) attached the top university in Taiwan – National Taiwan University. ICLP was established in 1962 to cater to the needs of Stanford University students for Chinese Language Studies.

Total immersion environment with language pledge. Students speak exclusively in Chinese at all times, both in the classroom and within the ICLP area. Potential internship opportunities.

Homestay is most popular for this program. Students who choose an apartment will have a unit with one single bed or two beds (with a roommate) and suite bathroom.