Soka Institute for Global Solutions

Soka Institute for Global Solutions is a network of global citizens seeking to solve global problems

The Soka Institute for Global Solutions (SIGS) serves as an anchor for global citizens to expand their collaborative, purposeful, and sustaining networks of global cooperation. The institute was launched based on the visions laid out by the university founder Daisaku Ikeda in his 1987 peace proposal. In it, Ikeda envisions a world with humanity-centered sovereignty. With this in mind, SIGS provides outlets in global citizenship education knowledge and practices, while building a network of citizens who seek pragmatic solutions to the most challenging global problems of the present era.

The information, proposals and vision for global peace and stability forthcoming from the [Institute for Global Solutions] should not be directed to governments alone. Instead, it must work to inspire the citizens of the world to act and to share their wisdom. Consequently, it must be open to the opinions of members from grassroots movements and must always walk together with the people

(Ikeda 1987)

SIGS Projects

PreK-12 Global Citizenship Education Project

The Global Citizenship Education (GCE) project convenes a working group to develop a framework for PreK-12 global citizenship education curriculum. The working group is a hub of individuals, organizations, and institutions working in GCE. We aim to provide resources that are accessible to PreK-12 teachers who seek to implement GCE in their classrooms.

Nuclear Abolition Project

The Nuclear Abolition (NA) project convenes a working group to provide nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation education for the youth. The working group also facilitates policy discussions with experts on urgent risk reduction measures of nuclear weapons. We seek to cultivate people’s capacity and networks to articulate voices on behalf of, and in the interest of, common humanity.

Nuclear Politics Summer Program    Apply to Nuclear Politics 2024 Today

Peace and Reconciliation in East Asia Project

Three symposia from 2024 to 2026 on Peace and Reconciliation in East Asia will be hosted by the Soka Institute for Global Solutions (SIGS) at Soka University of America (SUA), sponsored by the Office of the President. Three symposia over three years will offer different focus points on events in East Asia beginning in 2024 with Japan, to be followed by South Korea in 2025, and the People’s Republic of China in 2026.

Peace and Reconciliation Symposia 2024-2026



Headshot of Andrea Bartoli

Andrea Bartoli

Executive Adviser
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Tetsushi Ogata

Managing Director
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Yuya Uchida




Headshot of Andrea Bartoli
Headshot of Tetsushi Ogata
Headshot of Yuya Uchida

Andrea Bartoli

Tetsushi Ogata

Yuya Uchida

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